Monday, 18 May 2009

Long time no speak..

Wow feels like a long time since I last have been on here,
so much has happened it has just been insane.
I am currently pretty stacked up with all my GCSE's, so it is a bit of a nightmare trying to fit in the pretty awesome conditions we have right now, along with revision and work and friends and family and arrghh
But in highlight, over the easter holidays I was having a perfect session on  5.3 flare, real peachy conditions down at Hythe with some mates and on my last run, after having been out stacked on 5.3 for about 5 hours, I tried one last little one handed water scoop duck gybe down a wave.
I had made most that day, but epically failed and catapulted over the front. I thought I had cracked a rib in the impact, yet once i crawled back on my kit I realised my big toe was more an issue
After cycling and walking around for a few days in extreme pain I eventually resorted to the hospital where I was told I had a serious break, possible dislocation and needed an urgent X ray.
Also just before Weymouth, so was absolutely distraught at the thought of not being able to go out.
Along comes x ray, and it is not dislocated but pretty serious, snapped the bone off and chunk out the side I think...
Anyway I was put on crutches and had to hobble around Weymouth, not allowed out

I had a few weeks off to be sensible and recover, but got back into it shortboarding only and had a great run, it hurt alot but soon was back in the groove :)
Anyway next weekend was the ET's, big event, to end the zone squad.
It was what we had been trained for all year, and I arrived not having been on techno for 7 weeks and with a broken toe having come off crutches 2 days earlier. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and all that.
Anyway I managed to get myself out there, and was leading the first race, when on the last lap my toe decided to snap out of place as I got in a strap, which was followed by a colourful choice of words from the beautiful english language by me.
Anyway i managed to crawl round, and dunk it in the water until it went numb where I got a 2nd next race.
After lunch and painkillers, I got back out and had 2 3rds so finished 3rd overall after no racing on sunday. Which I was pretty pleased with, hungry for more next time though.

Then last weekend was training in eastbourne, too wavey to go on the sea we were forced onto this pond in a park. Big mistake. 14 of us on a tiny lake meant carnage, and then in an attempted race i fell and landed on glass which could have done some serious damage, but luckily just killed my shoe instead, so I only got a tiny cut... on broken toe foot....PHEW
At lunch I managed to escape for a killer wave session on 4.7 with stu, before an afternoon in the classroom as it died off
Sunday was much the same, but the group decided to leave and go raid Bewl instead. I had to return home earlyish for some much needed revision so decided to stay and went out stacked to death on 5.3 waveboard again.
It was all brilliant until I decided to go for one more run, in a huge squall that came through. Huge waves were pounding in and after one gybe I was so stacked I came right in.
After Charlie arrived, I decided to have one more go, down on the 4.2, however it was not of course dropping.
This just left me and charlie to get NAILED by the rip and taken down to have a fun landing in the surf....
anyway pretty fun and tiring weekend and that has been my windsurfing in a nutshell
holiday soon so should get out more, and study leave may have to be postponed on a realllyyy good forecast, but just mainly work for me :)
see you out there..