Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Well this is my first blog, on here I will try and keep you updated on any new results or how my sailing and travels are going, please feel free to contact me on thomas_9724@hotmail.com with any queries to sponsorship or tuition.
Thanks for looking,
All the best, 
Tom Addison, GBR9724


  1. hey
    im a weird creepy stalker
    i liiiiiiiiiike your......... boom
    as in "boom boom" ;)
    if you get me
    maybe not
    now i have ruined the perfect introduction

  2. hello
    i said i'd try again
    i will not say im a weird creepy stalker as the person i have tied up in cupboard kindly informed me it would give the wrong impression
    i am a normal person
    very normal
    normal as a normal thing which has normal tablets
    so dont be scared
    oh no
    because i like you thomas addison born on the 26th of may 1993
    i like you muchly :D