Thursday, 12 February 2009


Hey! Well I have broken up from school now, celebrated by an hours circuit training after school, swimming for an hour then got to run to Hythe in a sec, really trying to get this fitness up whilst I'm not sailing on weekdays :) Anyway I now have a crazy week ahead and will hopefully find some time to get out on the next good forecast, it looks a bit rubbish for the next week so hope I am not missing much! Hope all you guys have a great holiday/week stuck at work,
<<<<<<<summer will soon come round<<<<<<<<<

heers, Tom


    Thought this looked like fun haha.
    looks pretty gd m8 nice 1.
    myt give it a go miself.....probably end up in failure tho haha.

  2. hello thomas addison.....
    i was going to come and camp outside your house.... i mean VISIT you today
    but then i remembered you are up in essex
    till tuesday
    i still may come and .... visit you