Sunday, 22 March 2009

hey guys,
well last weekend I had a brilliant training weekend up at Datchet in London.
Saturday was a nice sunny day, pretty gusty and shifty but really nice and good plaining conditions to get back out training in. Had some brilliant sessions on mark rounding and upwind, and genuinely felt improvement through the day.
Sunday big big news.......


well on top, wetsuit rolled down...
but we all know this means one thing.
sunday was very light, we worked on starts and racked up some hours on the water, with some brilliant races, awesome battle with Connor in the last race :)
the weekend before was slightly dramatic, two plaining days at Hythe. Both sunny and warm and good techno and shortboarding on the saturday, first time this year :S
Sunday was slightly more dramatic, wind howling and completely stacked on 4.7 flare nailing some huge jumps out with stu, unfortunately he had a bit of trouble and so the session finished with an eventful little rescue mission....
still looks brilliant and not a cloud in the sky at the moment, wind looks dead but need to work on lightwind downwind as always....
will attach some piccies next time :)
keep ripping, Tom

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